FEMA: Fresh water ecosystem services mapping and assessment in Bulgaria

The project is aiming at assessment and mapping of ecosystem goods and services provided by the freshwater ecosystems as situated outside the NATURA’2000 Network. The project implementation should be closely connected/dependent on the outputs of parallel project BG03 pre-defined project 2 'Methodological support for ecosystem service assessment and biophysical valuation' which is expected to provide with national methodical guidance to be utilize by the project and the same of the project BG03 pre-defined project1 'Improving the Bulgarian Biodiversity Information System' to comply with the technical requirements defined within. Using available information of various sources numerous GIS layers will be elaborated with specific values of the freshwater ecosystems of rivers and lakes. The results obtained will serve to integrate the freshwater ecosystems’ values into the Second River Basin Management Plans, Regional Development Plans and to support the national Biodiversity Information System with data/assessments.

Source: eeagrants.org