31.03.2017 – International Conference on Mapping and Assessment of Freshwater and Marine Ecosystem Services, Sofiq, Bulgaria
Short presentation on FEMA project – objectives, partnership, results and etc pdf
Mapping the typology of freshwater ecosystems – main approaches used pdf
Adaptation and application of the methodology for assessment of freshwater ecosystems and their services pdf
Mapping and assessment of freshwater ecosystem services in Bulgaria - approaches used to analyse condition and services pdf
Project results - GIS database and maps: potential for future use and multidisciplinary application pdf
From stakeholders to ecosystem services- identification, mapping and assessment pdf
Freshwater Pearl Mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) and their ecosystem services pdf
Mapping and assessment of marine ecosystems and their services in the Bulgarian Black Sea waters - general presentation of the project pdf
Assessment of marine ecosystems conditions based on available data pdf
Black Sea ecosystems assessment and mapping: Geodatabase design and workflow specifics pdf
Whales as ecosystem service: whale tourism pdf

06-07.02.2017 – International Scientific Conference: Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services – Science in action, Sofia, Bulgaria
Mapping of freshwater ecosystems – types, condition and services in Bulgaria: some aspects and practical solutions pdf

12.10.2015 – First coordination meeting of projects on Mapping a nd Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services, Sofia, Bulgaria
Mapping and Assessment of Freshwater Ecosystems Services in Bulgaria pdf



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