1) Project management activities: development of a project schedule, and organization and control of its keeping; preparation of three-month reports on the activities and the spending of the available resources; periodic coordination meetings of the project partners, as well as meetings with other partners under the BG03.02 program, and experts from the Ministry of Environment and Waters and associated administrative structures – the Executive Environment Agency, the Basin Directorates, the Regional Inspectorates of Environment and Waters, the Regional laboratories, and other state and municipal structures.

2) Specific scientific and technical activities: collection and verification of data on fresh water ecosystem state (outside the NATURA 2000 network and the system of protected areas), including in other areas of water protection (nitrate vulnerable zones and nitrate sensitive areas; water bodies designated for protection of commercially valuable species; bathing and recreational waters; etc.); making the collected data available to GIS experts for the development of GIS maps with corresponding georeferenced data layers; testing of the compatibility of the applied methods and approaches with the national methodological framework, and validation of the data on ecosystem state and the capacity of fresh water bodies and objects to supply ecosystem services.

3) Capacity-building activities: organization of periodic seminars and conferences, including with participation of foreign specialists, in order to share experience and present the achieved results, the methods applied, and the methodology for assessment and management of the fresh water ecosystems; exchange of concrete results and problems in the fields of conservation and management of ecosystem goods and services in Bulgaria and abroad; organization of visits in institutions in the sponsor countries to exchange experience and best practices, and to increase the capacity and expertise of the project team.

4) Dissemination and communication activities: dissemination of project results through periodic press releases, organization of press conferences, and participation in similar activities organized by other BG03.02 projects; preparation and publication of information and printed materials (flyers, brochures, and collections of reports); development and maintenance of a project website; development and maintenance of a GIS portal with a virtual model of the fresh water ecosystems in Bulgaria and the services they provide to the public.


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